DAVID W. NEIBERT, Chief Operations Officer and Secretary

Mr. Neibert has served as a Director of The Marygold Companies, Inc. (“The Marygold Companies”) fka, Concierge Technologies, Inc. since June 2002. Mr. Neibert previously served as Chief Executive Officer of The Marygold Companies from April 2007 through January 2015, then Chief Financial Officer from February 2015 through October 2017, and from November 2017 to present, Mr. Neibert has served as the Chief Operations Officer. Concurrently with his service and tenure at The Marygold Companies, Mr. Neibert has continuously served as President of Kahnalytics, Inc. since May 2015, nka Original Sprout; Director and Chief Financial Officer of Gourmet Foods Ltd. since August 2015 and its subsidiary, Printstock Products Ltd., since June 2020; Director for Brigadier Security Systems since June 2016, and Director of Marygold & Co., a subsidiary of The Marygold Companies since November 2019. As The Marygold Companies’ Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Neibert is responsible for long range planning, growth and ensuring profitable operations of The Marygold Companies’ subsidiaries including, but not limited to, the selection and retention of their respective management teams, accounting practices and processes in accordance with U.S. GAAP. Mr. Neibert is also responsible for the primary due diligence efforts, contract negotiations, and on-boarding of new subsidiary acquisitions for The Marygold Companies. Prior to joining The Marygold Companies, Mr. Neibert served as President of Roamer One and as a Director and Executive Vice President of Business Development of their publicly traded parent company Intek Global Corporation, a global distributor of radio products. Mr. Neibert attended the University of California Los Angeles from 1973-1978 with a focus on business management and developmental psychology.