Why Kahnalytics
We built our business around our customers. We gather the information then you choose what information you see and how often The presence of a camera is proven to alter behavior

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words, and often indisputable
  • Insurance loss claims diminish dramatically due to video records of impact events
  • Regulators and the public have now accepted recording devices as a valuable, in fact, necessary tool
  • Ability to see events and vehicle tracking in real time
  • Historical data available on a secure website, retrieve from anywhere
  • Full driving detail for up to 10 days on the camera for review if needed
  • Statistics-based reports on driving behavior individually or compared against the total population norm
  • Bad driving behavior alerts to aid management in coaching employees

Ability To See Events And Vehicle Tracking In Real Time Live GPS Tracking / Real-time Streaming

Kahnalytics Driver Monitoring in Real Time

Data, including video, is constantly uploaded through a wireless link to our server where users can access reports in real time, including live video streaming, from any vehicle in a fleet

Real Time Fleet Management

Unlike competitors who decide what data is important for their clients and generate forensic reports, our customers choose what they want to see, when they want to see it and what comparison reports are important to their operations.
We Source Data From The Best-in-class Camera System

OmniCam OC3 Dual lens High Definition Camera

With integrated GPS module, G-Force inertial sensor, audio recording, video monitor-out port, wireless connectivity, 124GB storage capacity

The OC3 camera system retains the full video, vehicle tracking, audio and event history on the storage media.

Unlike other cloud-based reporting systems which dictate what video is saved and for how long, the OC3 system preserves complete records in the vehicle for further detail analysis should the need arise, even those which were not event triggers.